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How Do I Find What I Want?
Click on the SEARCH button in the menu list at left, and follow the instructions on the search page.

How Do I Purchase?
Click on the thumbnail image on either the home page or the search results page. This will bring you to a page containing a larger image, and the sizes and formats available for the image, along with prices. Click on Purchase at the right of the table for the selected image to add it to the shopping cart. When you have selected all the items you want, click Checkout in the menu on the left of the page. And if you are looking for some French fun this is not the place for you.

Is My Credit Card Information at Risk?
Credit card processing is done by on a secure site. Absolutely no credit card information is entered on or retained on this site, so you may do business with confidence.

Is My Personal Information Sold or Shared?
User or client personal information will never be sold or shared. We believe so strongly in privacy that as we add other of our own applications to this site, user/client information will NOT be shared among them.

What Rights Do I Get with an Image?
When you purchase a digital image from this site, you are granted non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual license to use the image or derivations thereof in printed materials, newspapers, brochures, postcards, posters, presentations, on-line sites, etc., except as prohibited below.
Specific prohibitions to the use of the image and any compilation or derivation thereof:
they may not be used in the creation or promotion of pornographic materials;
they may not be transferred to any other person or organization;
they may not be rented or sold;
they may not be posted on any electronic bulletin board or on the World Wide Web (WWW) in a downloadable form with a resolution of greater than 72 dpi;
and they may not be used in any libelous, obscene or defamatory manner.

How are Digital Images delivered?
Digital images are delivered in custom web pages, and will appear on your screen as quickly as line speed allows..
Please note that you should be aware of any file size limitations imposed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Photo Search

Enter one or more words or parts of words into this area. These will be used to search the key fields recorded in the database.

Search on the singular form of words; e.g., search for "flower" instead of "flowers". In the case where the singular and plural forms have different endings, search on the common portion; e.g., search for "whar" instead of "wharf" or "wharves".

When you enter multiple words or part of words, they are "and"ed, meaning that you will see only those items where the keywords field in the database contains all the search elements entered.

When you open this site, this selectable field will default to "All". If you wish to see photographs from only a specific photographer, click on the arrow and select from the list presented.

When you open this site, this selectable field will default to "Any". If you wish to see only landscape (horizontal) format or only portrait (vertical) format photographs, click on the arrow and select from the list presented.

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